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Practice Plans

Two very valuable aspects of coaching are preparedness and time management.  Coming to practices with a written plan will allow you to effectively and efficiently run your practice, getting the most out of your players and assistant coaches.

Prior to every practice and game, coaches are required to do the following dynamic flexibility stretching from 8U and up.  T-ball will do a modified approach.

Dynamic Flexibility

If you are having issues writing or coming up with a practice plan, USA Baseball has a great "mobile coach" app for iPhones and Android smartphones.

Dynamic Flexibility

Movement                                                                                                        Distance

Walking on Toes                                                                                               10yd
Walking on Heels                                                                                             10yd
Walking on Inside of Feet                                                                                 10yd
Walking on Outside of Feet                                                                              10yd
Jog Back to Start                                                                                              40yd

Walking High Knees                                                                                         10yd
Walking High Knee Hugs                                                                                 10yd
Walking High Knee Kick-outs                                                                           10yd
Fast High Knees                                                                                               30yd

Walking Heel Kicks                                                                                           10yd
Walking Quad Stretch                                                                                       10yd
Walking Hamstring Stretch                                                                               10yd
Fast Heel Kicks                                                                                                 30yd

Slow Backward Lunges                                                                                    10yd
Backward Hip Flexor Twist                                                                               10yd
Walking Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift                                                         10yd
Fast Backpedal                                                                                                 30yd

Slow Lateral Lunges (right & left)                                                                      10yd each side
Fast Lateral Shuffle (right & left)                                                                        10yd + 10yd + jog10yd
Slow and Low Carioca (right & left)                                                                   10yd each side
Fast Carioca(right & left)                                                                                    10yd + 10yd + jog 10yd

**Information courtesy of Trainer Mike, Spring Grove High School Athletic Trainer and Strength Coordinator

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